Ah, the ever pressing question: “What’s with the blog?”

Find your niche,” successful bloggers say. “Target an audience and give them what they need.” 

You see, I’m not really here to improve your life at all. If you’re looking for recipes, DIY’s, advice, reviews, pop culture spoilers, outfits of the day, or tutorials of any kind,  I’m sorry to tell you that you’re reading the wrong blog. Don’t be sad though! The internet is full of beautiful blogs written by infinitely more altruistic writers than myself.

This blog is for posterity. If my Facebook feed from the dark duck-face days of 2007 taught me anything, it is that the internet, much like that catty girl from high school or your one weirdly involved relative, forgets nothing, for braces or for worse. So, in an effort to document my life for the next year, I’ve turned to the undying power of cyberspace.book-2

What makes the next year of my life so documentable? Well, in an effort to grow as a person and avoid all responsibilities that even resemble being an “adult,” I’ll be studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy for the 2015-2016 school year. So, that’s what’s with the blog. You, the possibility of an interested reader, and the requirement of my Honors 410 class to post about being abroad once a week, are the reasons we’re both here. Life with me.