Kayla Pennington: The (Wo)man, The Myth, The Legend

This is the side of my face.
This is the side of my face.

I am convinced there is no way to write a bio for a blog (or for much of anything, for that matter) without sounding like a present-tense eulogy or a self-important douche canoe. But, other successful and established blogs tell me that people are inherently curious (read: programmed to creep whenever possible) and will want to know who’s behind the words. So, without further ado, here’s a little about me:


Present-Tense Eulogy:

Kayla Pennington is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno. After much deliberation and dozens of strangely passive aggressive emails from the university urging her to select a major, she decided to pursue a degree in Psychology with a minor in English. She has an older sister whom she loves dearly but jokingly resents for being good at everything in addition to being a doctor. Her parents lovingly refer to her by nicknames that will never see the light of screen.


Self-Important Douche Canoe:

Kayla Pennington can be described in three words: really bad at math. She enjoys baking, live music, and laughing louder and more frequently than what is ever socially acceptable. She fancies herself a badass, but realizes the phrase “fancies herself a badass” means she is the farthest thing from one. Her special skills that will never be applicable to real life include but are not limited to: juggling, making puns, laughing when she cries/crying when she laughs, car dancing, and eating frosting.


See? Bios man, you can’t win.