Crowd Speak and the Kindergarten Approach

Feel insecure about not being able to understand a language? Throw yourself into a sea of people who are all speaking the language you don’t understand. I swear. I walked through a cacophony of students today and the blending of their … Continued

Nuns and Man Buns

Who’s ready for a game of Jeopardy: Study Abroad edition?   Things Seen in the Airport in Rome for 300, please.   “What are nuns and man buns?”   Correct!   Things that make you say “Jesus!” for 500.   … Continued

Gifs, Capitalism, and the End of the Breakfast Club

Today’s the day, the sun is shining, I’M ON MY WAY TO ITALY. It’s exciting. It’s really, really scary. In an effort of self-preservation (aka complete, blatant avoidance of reality) my brain has channeled all efforts into worrying about completely … Continued

What Do Tricycles and The Jonas Brothers Have In Common?

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What do tricycles and The Jonas Brothers have in common?     If you said they were both kickass but overwhelmingly embarrassing parts of your childhood you’d rather forget, you’re right. They’re also groups of three that would be much … Continued

When Pre-departure Anxiety Brings Out Your Inner Will Ferrell

Hey Kayla, how do you feel about going abroad? Hello, voice inside my head who thought this would make a good blog post, I’ve been meaning to share just how strange my coping mechanisms are, thanks for asking. For me, … Continued


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Hello MTV and welcome to my blog. You, my friend, are here for one of two reasons. You are either: 1) a stranger who inadvertently stumbled upon this blog and, though miffed that you reached rather than (which … Continued

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I have never once been accused of being sexy. This is just blasphemous, frankly, given my near endless supply of whistle-worthy qualities. How any guy could have witnessed my walk men have so... READ MORE