Destiny’s Child

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“Oh, hell yeah, sign up for Italian Conversation class. You’ll get so much better at speaking Italian. It’ll be a breeze, you’ll love it,” rationalized Kayla of yore, brimming with an unparalleled optimistic naiveté. So young, so blissfully unaware.   … Continued

No, Not The Rolling Stones Song

The following post has been approved for appropriate audiences by the kpennyforyourthoughts association of America, Inc. FADE IN FROM BLACK TO A TINY ITALIAN KITCHEN DRAMATIC VOICEOVER ENSUES NARRATOR: In a world…. Without brown sugar…. CAMERA PANS ACROSS SMALL ITALIAN … Continued


I whisper the name with squinted eyes and furrowed brow into the void of a lightless room. My head nods laterally, dense with disapproval for his entire being. “Scum,” I conclude, internally, “smug, swindling swine.” The simple thought of his … Continued

John Mayer Knows All

Hello, world. Okay, maybe not “world,” that’s a bit pretentious. Realistically it’s more like “hello, approximately seventeen people who read my blog,” and that’s nice too. Welcome friends! How ‘bout that ride in? ….I’m stalling. Hey Kayla that’s strange, why … Continued

Wasted Youth

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This blog post is entirely about me. Hello world and welcome to the age of the Millennial, a time where I feel entitled, nay, obligated to post ceaselessly about the happenings of my life because social media enables and encourages … Continued

Street Smart

There’s a reason people say, “Slow down, Mario,” and by “people” I mean my mom. I sincerely have no idea if other people say that. She also says “butt naked” instead of “buck naked,” so I’m not sure if she’s … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Failure

  THREE HOURS AFTER   Time: 2:37 am. Place: Bracciano, Italy. The night is heavy with backpacking packs and regret. With four hours until the first morning train back to Viterbo the tracks are laughably useless. I offer them purpose … Continued


Hello friends. If we were in a room together, this is when I would say, “walk with me” and pull you aside to have the following conversation. But we’re not in the same room together, hence the blog. If you … Continued

Keys and Cat Calls

Gelato is ruining my life. Gelato. The sweet, sweet joy that is gelato is so grand that it renders me completely useless to think anything other than “goodness gracious, gelato is the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet.” … Continued

Crumb-y at Buying Bread

I can’t figure out how to buy bread. I, being a woman who is not afraid to admit she is nearly completely sustained by the simple joy of complex carbs, am in the midst of a crisis. So here’s what … Continued

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I have never once been accused of being sexy. This is just blasphemous, frankly, given my near endless supply of whistle-worthy qualities. How any guy could have witnessed my walk men have so... READ MORE