Don’t Make It Weird

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There are few things I hate more than walking out of the campus gym.   So there I was, minding my own fitness. I had spent the past forty-five minutes on the self-inflicted hell otherwise known as the Stairmaster. The … Continued


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I have never once been accused of being sexy. This is just blasphemous, frankly, given my near endless supply of whistle-worthy qualities. How any guy could have witnessed my walk men have so kindly described as “goofy,” and “I don’t … Continued

Wasted Youth

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This blog post is entirely about me. Hello world and welcome to the age of the Millennial, a time where I feel entitled, nay, obligated to post ceaselessly about the happenings of my life because social media enables and encourages … Continued

What Do Tricycles and The Jonas Brothers Have In Common?

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What do tricycles and The Jonas Brothers have in common?     If you said they were both kickass but overwhelmingly embarrassing parts of your childhood you’d rather forget, you’re right. They’re also groups of three that would be much … Continued


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Hello MTV and welcome to my blog. You, my friend, are here for one of two reasons. You are either: 1) a stranger who inadvertently stumbled upon this blog and, though miffed that you reached rather than (which … Continued