Hello friends. If we were in a room together, this is when I would say, “walk with me” and pull you aside to have the following conversation. But we’re not in the same room together, hence the blog. If you … Continued

Keys and Cat Calls

Gelato is ruining my life. Gelato. The sweet, sweet joy that is gelato is so grand that it renders me completely useless to think anything other than “goodness gracious, gelato is the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet.” … Continued

Crumb-y at Buying Bread

I can’t figure out how to buy bread. I, being a woman who is not afraid to admit she is nearly completely sustained by the simple joy of complex carbs, am in the midst of a crisis. So here’s what … Continued

Crowd Speak and the Kindergarten Approach

Feel insecure about not being able to understand a language? Throw yourself into a sea of people who are all speaking the language you don’t understand. I swear. I walked through a cacophony of students today and the blending of their … Continued